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This website is an online gallery where you can view and support the work of Valentin by commissioning his services or by purchasing digital assets, unique artworks and quality prints. You will find commercial and personal projects, stories that unfold years of personal and professional development.  Explore the categories and personal projects.

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Working with people is a blessing for me. Photographing them, getting them to reveal a more intimate part of their being is a job that I love doing. Using natural or artificial light, the target is to capture an image that tells a part of ones story. 

Abstract Expressionism is an artistic movement that developed in the middle of the twentieth century and consists of the representation of thoughts and feelings in the act of painting…

Photography taught me that, in order to get a good picture, I must frame only a small portion of what I perceive, so that I can bring to the viewer a message…

Numbers don’t tell everything,
but they do tell a story

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A digital asset, in essence, is anything that exists in a binary format and comes with the right to use. This shop contains items and digital packages you can purchase for personal use application, quality prints and unique artworks

Short documentaries, Travel & behind the scenes pictures


Lavinia – Graduation


… typing things so I can put my thoughts in order. Using a new font, using a fancy…

ZEGG Ecovillage

ZEGG (Zentrum für experimentelle Gesellschaftsgestaltung or Center for Experimental Cultural Design) is an ecovillage located on the outskirts…


Hello. I am Valentin Movilaru, professional photographer and visual creator based in Bucharest, Romania.

I have been working in the field of photography, video production and branding for more than 12 years. I rely on quality images, good planning and attention to details in order to bring forward the best visual experience.

During this time I discovered myself through photography, the visual projections of my feelings, thoughts and experiences. Whether we are talking about still or motion pictures, paintings or managing the action within an event, the art of creating images is the job I was made for.