Producing visual content for 7 years


I will shoot lifestyle, fashion and product pictures based on your brand identity. As a photographer based in Bucharest, I have access to a wide network of models, artists and production crews. 


I can deliver quality images for commercial purposes. Although it is not my area of expertise, I can provide counseling with regard of promoting your business.

Google Adwords, Instagram & Facebook campaigns are a must for converting the pictures into profit.


Let’s not forget printing. With a vast experience in commercial graphic design, I can prepare your pictures to meet the standard of small or large printing shops. 


Video Production
Editing & Retouching
Graphic Design


There’s a big difference between fashion photography and standard apparel product photography. The two are related, but they’re more like distant cousins than siblings.


Apparel product photography is focused on the product. The goal is to minimize distraction and present the product at its absolute best in a consistent and easily browsed manner.


Fashion photography is focused on branding: models, location, props and other aspects of the shoot take on great significance. The goal is to create something unique that will arrest the eye and stick in the mind of the viewer, creating an identity that becomes attached to your product and, subsequently, your brand.


To put it another way, fashion is the cover of a magazine or website. Product images are what’s inside.

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