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My studio is located at the address bellow. If you are in need of my services or have any questions about my work, call the number bellow or email me.


I’m available between 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Monday to Saturdays.


Call: +40 724 246 401




Address: Nicolae Tonitza Street, Nr. 12,  Bucharest, Romania 


My name is Valentin Movilaru and I work in the field of photography, video production and branding. is an online gallery where you can view and support my work by commissioning my services or by purchasing digital assets, unique artworks and quality prints.


You will find commercial and personal projects, stories that unfold years of personal and professional development. During the last 12 years I discovered myself through images, the visual representation of my feelings, thoughts and experiences.


Whether we are talking about still or motion pictures, paintings or managing the action within an event, the art of creating images is my calling.


Feel free to explore the website and don’t forget to check out the shop and read the journal for travel photography, stories, ideas and behind the scenes footage.

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