Mixing Cocktails

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavored syrup, or cream. There are various types of cocktails, based on the number and kind of ingredients added.

The Oxford Dictionaries define cocktail as “An alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice or cream”. A cocktail can contain alcohol, a sugar, and a bitter/citrus. When a mixed drink contains only a distilled spirit and a mixer, such as soda or fruit juice, it is a highball. Many of the International Bartenders Association Official Cocktails are highballs. When a mixed drink contains only a distilled spirit and a liqueur, it is a duo, and when it adds a mixer, it is a trio. Additional ingredients may be sugar, honey, milk, cream, and various herbs.

Mixed drinks without alcohol that resemble cocktails are known as “mocktails” or “virgin cocktails”.

During a short city break to the seaside, in Vama Veche, Romania, I paid a visit to my friend Madalin, an excellent bartender. He is a rare person who really loves his job. You can see that through the passion that he puts in every single drink. The place in the picture above is ARCA, a bar where you can listen to good music while drinking a cocktail or a simple beer. After a few drinks and laughs I pulled my camera and took some shots of Madalin at work. I wish I could give some recipes of the drinks, but unfortunately I overlooked that detail. I promise that I will do a follow up story.