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Photography and motion pictures

Filter reality

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. Happiness comes with the help of framing and cropping what you feel and how you react to it. Our senses are the primary filters through which we perceive the world. Photography taught me that, in order to get a good picture, I must frame only a small portion of what I perceive, so that I can bring to the viewer a message, to inspire him to think and feel what I was feeling.

In the uproar of the city I find myself standing still, watching, observing people. So many activities, so many things that are happening. I am overwhelmed. The single thing I can do is take my camera and crop my reality. Usually I smile , sometimes I don’t. For me, being a photographer, having this ability to frame any situation into a picture that I have in my mind is magical. It is like reading a good book, a book where you are the author.  Take a moment when you live your home and observe your surroundings. Hope you will be amazed and astonished by the energy flowing.

Personal Portfolio

Pictures by Valentin Movilaru