Dor – A feeling

Dor – The Romanian word for a strong feeling of nostalgia, homesickness or missing someone. The word originates in Latin popular dolus – pain.

The short clip was made in two days, following a trip to Brasov, Romania. Here I found peace and a moment to meditate over my mother’s passing, three years earlier, in 2015. Getting lost in the clouds and snow, my senses were numbed. My mind struggled to understand the threat of nothingness that cripples our perspective of an afterlife. What if there is nothing out there, just to pure black of space. What if all of our energy will be forever gone and all that we have is now. This thinking got me to embrace this life I have, to respect this planet, this home and all I get in touch with. This clip is a tribute to simple things, to nature and the beauty of it. 



Shot with Canon 6D mark II and 24-105 f:4, handheld.