… typing things so I can put my thoughts in order. Using a new font, using a fancy laptop, drinking a cappuccino, smoking a cigarette. Viewing things through a new perspective-an Italian perspective. Getting used to their way of life. A beautiful girl near me with a leather jacket watches my cigarette smoke drifting away in the city air. I take a moment to think. So many things happened in human history. Cultural habits, innovations and art is what make a nation unique. Wars, poverty, wealth and greed. Love, empathy, well being and development. It seems that the key factor of my search is finding a place where I belong. Although I thought that England is my dream country, I find Italy more familiar to my Romanian roots. I find the Latins origin in the language, the passion of expressing emotions and thoughts to be more to my liking.

I find myself mesmerized by Rome’s architecture, the calmness of living and the pride of being well dressed. The women are gorgeous. They fill the streets with their smell, the sound of their shoes and complete the city landscape with their shapes. Erotic lips, silk like skin, their hair… Who thinks that not so long ago, maybe a few hours or minutes, they were moaning and getting lost in the warm sheets of a bed. I have a  big appreciation for men also. They are fit, well dressed and look innocent and kind. They look that they  can fall in love in a couple of minutes with all their heart. Gentle man …right? It has it’s meaning. Being gentle with a woman. This things are what makes Rome so beautiful until now, in my view. The sexuality of man and women seems to be very well defined. Leather boots and simple clothes, colorful bags and scooters. It’s beautiful.